Custom Bookmarks

Not so long ago my sister presented me with stacks of beautiful… sheets? Actually, I don’t know what is that! A sale-person told my sister that these sheets are used for notes.

My heart fell down. They are so feminine, soft and wonderful, that I can’t imagine how somebody uses them just for a quick note.

So, after a few days of thinking, I decided to make simple bookmarks from them.

Step one: I used Pinterest to find an inspiring bookish quote. Simple, small, something that I can use with most of my books.
Step two: Wrote founded quote down on a sheet. It’s really difficult if you don’t have enough practice, as I am. Try on a different piece of paper. Better if you don’t afraid of spoiling beautiful one. I’m afraid… and as a result, spoiled it. But better to try then not to try at all.
Step three: Photoshoot! – the most complicated part because they won’t play a single main part in the photo, but 3 together is okay.

What I’m gonna to do next?
Repeat it! I have two stacks of such beautiful bookmarks – yes, now I use them in such a way – so I’ll do more and more practice will have.

Good news:

  • today I connected my
  • blog with Pinterest
  • changed an old url on to the new one to my Instagram

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See you soon!

Next topic: An Ember in the Ashes – when and why I have read it and my thoughts about it.


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