Book Review: Ember: Echoes of Ashes by Jessica Schmidt

Title: Ember: Echoes of Ashes

Author: Jessica Schmidt

Genre: Fantasy

Stand alone or series: Echoes of Ashes trilogy, Book 1

Seventeen-year-old Alleria has always been cautioned by her parents to keep her ears covered and not think too much about the childhood she can’t remember. It doesn’t take long for Alleria to realize that she is adopted—and that the key to discovering her true identity lies outside her small village.

Alleria knows she is an elf living in a time when elves are thought to be extinct. As she embarks on her quest for answers about her past, she meets both passionate allies and fearsome foes.

Two of these allies are the adventurers Laderic and Midiga. Laderic, a human fortune hunter, agrees to accompany Alleria in exchange for any treasure they may find. Midiga, part of the catlike felidae race, is intent on an adventure that will blot out the bitter memories of her past.

As the three set off to find the lost elvish capital in the far north of their land, they encounter dragons, fae, and spectral beings. Some offer help and guidance to this young woman who knows nothing about her true heritage. Others seek to capture Alleria and use her mysterious powers for their own gain.

On this dangerous quest, who can she trust?

Publisher: Owl Griffin Press
Publication date: February 27, 2018
219 pages

Book Review: Ember: Echoes of Ashes by Jessica Schmidt

Format (e- or p-): pdf


How did I found this book to read
That was some email that I even don’t know how got into my box. And there I saw beautiful fox art. It caught my heart, and the only thing that I could do was to steal it… Yeah, I took that picture and use it even now on Skype. Such beautiful work! You can see that amazing art belove.

Book Review: Ember: Echoes of Ashes by Jessica Schmidt

Of course, shame on me. I wrote to Jess with a question about using it, and she allowed me. That’s how I discovered her site and paid attention to her site and book. On Facebook I found her message about publishing a book soon. I asked Jess to have an ARC to read.

So, I got an ARC. Regardless many other ARCs, which for 90% I failed to read, this one I finished and want to share my thoughts with you.

***** Everything below may contain SPOILERS *****

Here we see a simple, what I call “Woke up and moved on” plot. It’s perfect for those who were raised up with games such a, for example, D&D. And you see this after the first chapter. The deeper you are in the book, the more details are opened, but still, this is a straightforward way for our heroes.

So, where did they start? For the main hero, Alleria, it began earlier than we see her at the first time in the book. She’s an adopted child who never knew who she was. After her parent’s death, she decided to find out who is she and for what purpose that happened. During her travels to the North she was chased by canids, and after another fight with them, she found her new friends.

Or better to say they found her. Midiga and Laderic in a desire of having a reward for saving somebody’s life decided to chase canids and help the poor soul. In that incredible moment, when they saw a young girl, who killed a canid with magic, the knot is tied, and the great adventure began.

From this moment all move very quickly. One by one chapter goes, and in each of them you will get to know a new story, a new character, or a new destiny’s roll changes their way. All that I can say is that from beautiful adventure to the North they stepped into a dangerous game of God. The book ends at the moment when Midiga, Laderic, Allerie, Reia, and their new friends came to a conclusion and decided to take a fight.


As this is the first book, and we already have more than ten characters to discuss, but I won’t write about all of them. Just a few words.

Alleria the Elf – our main the youngest (humanoid) person. She’s alone and naive, and she’s very interested in everything about elves. But what the most important thing about her is that she’s unusual elf who can use magic! If it sounds ridiculous to you, well, just read the book, and you’ll find out how it’s possible!

Reia the kitsune – exactly because of her I started reading this book. An amazing character!

Laderic the man – as for me he’s too simple man, but definitely, he has his nerve!

Midiga the felidae – cats are cats, and that’s all. Not my type of characters.

Prysmi the dragon – I really like her. This one is very interesting for me. She looks pretty and wise, and with a clear soul. Her immediately connection with Midiga added a few new lovely tones.

Emery the summer fae, Elwyse the necromancer, Mavark and Ysmira, and Karkos at the end. And I hope to see more new characters in the second book.

They all have their history and personalities, and I appreciate this. It’s cool to read not just names, but a person. This work with personalities is done well. Closer to the end of the book in a different kind of situations you know how somebody will act, but what’s inside, how do they feel, you get to know in their behavior, not thoughts. As for me, it’s great!


A world in this book is familiar to everyone who likes fantasy. Magic, magicians, magic creatures, and many other possible and impossible things. For those who played The Elder Scrolls games, it can be very interesting. On the one hand, we have a beautiful world with huge forests and trees, cities and many races, with pieces of history and relationships between races and kingdoms, and, as you can guess, on the other hand, we have dark things hidden from eyes of the mortals.

I had a picture of those cities and people during the book. I felt that rain and saw the beauty of the forest. I think that environment here is enough to connect our heroes and their patch with surroundings, but still, it lived its own life without closer touches with our heroes.


During reading the book, I had a feeling that I miss something, that I need more some details. But the quick dynamic of the book and well done personalities made this feeling disappear. Now I’m looking forward reading the next book.

Wonderful. Quick. It’s only the beginning.

Here are three my words about this book.

Questions through the book

I like books which makes me ask myself some question and find answers. Unfortunately, this one didn’t force me to ask any.
Rating: 4 – Good

Buy the Book: Amazon


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