March 2018 TBR

It’s cold and windy outside. What to do with such gloomy weather if not reading? As I have too long TBR list and narrow it down every month, but still it’s growing, I need to choose carefully what and when to read. That’s why I after taking a sneak peek at other blogs decided to create my blog post about my TBR and stick on it. Here is what I got.

Dungeon Lord by Hugo Huesca

Dungeon Lord (The Wraith's Haunt - A litRPG series Book 1)

Print Length: 334 pages
Genre Dark Fantasy / Sword & Sorcery / litRPG

I’m listening to the audiobook, actually. This is my first litRPG book ever, and I’m exсited to finish it and share it with you. The book tells us about Edward, who accepted an offer to become a Dungeon Lord, and Edward has chosen to make them regret it. As I was playing in video games for many years and spent more than 5 years in MMO-games, this one is good for me. Very soon I’ll make a review post about it.

The Demonic by Lee Mountford

The Demonic by Lee Mountford

Print Length: 274 pages
Genre Genre Fiction / Horror / Occult / Supernatural

This one is gonna be very interesting. I’m the horror lover and enjoy watching horror movies. Here what we promised about:

Something beyond her understanding waits for her there, lurking in the shadows. An evil that intends to kill her family and claim her very soul.
Experience supernatural horror in the vein of THE CONJURING, INSIDIOUS and the legendary GHOSTWATCH. THE DEMONIC will get under your skin, send chills down your spine and have you sleeping with the lights on!

Isn’t it cool? Reminds me one movie about a young woman who came back to the old home and there, in the end, we discovered that there were living a real, alive man, no ghost was there. I hope this one is much better!

Siege and Storm (Grisha Verse, #2) by Leigh Bardugo

Siege and Storm (Grisha Verse, #2) by Leigh Bardugo

Print Length: 401 pages
Genre Fantasy & Magic / Fairy Tales & Folklore / YA

I think everyone already has read it, at least across my friends on Instagram. I have already decided what title I’ll make for a review: # regrets about Siege and Storm. But first I need to finish it. Hope to it at this weekend…

Ruin and Rising (Grisha Verse, #3) by Leigh Bardugo

Ruin and Rising (Grisha Verse, #3)by Leigh Bardugo

Print Length: 369 pages
Genre Fantasy & Magic / Fairy Tales & Folklore / YA

It stays on my shelf, waits for me, calls to me. Well, what can I do? Of course, even though I don’t like the book #2 before the duology, I need to finish it. So, yes is on this list because of needy. My biggest desire is this book is bets then the previous one.

Thief of the Night Guild by Andy Peloquin

Thief of the Night Guild - Andy Peloquin

Print Length: 413 pages
Genre Dark Fantasy / Gothic

This is the second book in the Queen of Thieves series. After finishing reading the first one I felt so devasted! It took a few month before I decided to continue reading, but even now some creepy and cruel images from the first one are beneath my eyes. What I will see in the second book?

Commanding a crew of pickpockets, bounty hunters, poisoners, and assassins, Ilanna schemes to disgrace the Duke. She must survive blackmail, a bloodthirsty rival syndicate, and enemies within her own House to claim her spoils: vengeance for the deaths of her friends and gold to buy independence.

So, Ilanna is a strong female character, but knowing her luck, I can only guess what the hell she must go through.

The Legends Saga Collection by Stacey Rourken


Print Length: 729 pages
Genre Mythology & Folk Tales / Fairy Tales

This one I have in audio format. Can you imagine 20 hours of listening to fairy tales books? I can. It tastes like happiness.

Cursed by the malevolent spirit of the Headless Horseman, Ireland Crane seeks a way to break free from her soul crushing bond. Croaking ravens. Telltale hearts. Dizzying time travel. Coercive witchcraft. The lines between fact and fiction blur as the works of Washington Irving, Edgar Allen Poe, HG Wells, and Nathaniel Hawthorne come alive around her in this thrilling three book series:


I like Washington’s and Poe’s works. That’s why I’m looking forward to listen to it during March.

The Assassin’s Blade: The Assassin and the Healer by Sarah J. Maas


It’s very hard for me to read about this Celaena. She irritates me all the time. But maybe this is only because all who have read books by Sarah read them starting with Throne of Glass. I started in chronological sequence and didn’t like young silly Celaena in those novels. However, I wish to go through it (one novel by month) and enjoy Throne of Glass as many readers do.

Ragged Heroes Anthology

Ragged Heroes Anthology

Beggars, thieves, killers, children, and fools—a hero is anyone who takes a stand against oppression, abuse, and evil. Ragged though they may be, they hold their ground, defy hopeless odds, and conquer the impossible no matter the personal cost.

Eighteen bestselling and award-winning authors give you a look at what it truly means to be a hero: the simple act of standing up and making a difference, even to just one person.

This is my ARC.

Expected publication: March 27th 2018 by Andy Peloquin Books

That’s it!

Share what you’re reading in Marth in comments!

The Main Photo by Daria Shevtsova on Unsplash


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