Book Review: Dungeon Lord by Hugo Huesca

Title: Dungeon Lord

Author: Hugo Huesca

Genre: Dark Fantasy / Sword & Sorcery / litRPG

Stand alone or series: series, Book 1
How many books with: 2

Dark forces have extended Edward Wright an offer of incredible power at a terrible cost…

…and Edward has chosen to make them regret it.

When Edward is swept into the world of Ivalis as a Dungeon Lord, the Dark’s most powerful servant, he has no servitude in mind. He’ll oppose the evil plans of the Dark god Murmur, whatever it takes.

Through only his wits and his guts to help him survive a weakened arrival, Edward must rise to power if he is to earn the right to live another day.

But in the battle between Dark and Light, what can Edward choose if both sides are cruel, uncaring monsters?

Cold gods laugh in the distant world of Ivalis. Heroes chase after power and experience, while Kings send their armies to their deaths in the name of the Dark and the Light.

But no one expects the rise of the Dungeon Lord… And in the world of Ivalis, maybe a single man can forge his own path.

Publisher: Independently published
Publication date: November 23, 2017
334 pages

Format (e- or p-): audio
Running Time: 9 h 37 min


How did I found this book to listen

Two weeks ago I sent a request to listen to this Hugo Huesca Dungeon Lord audiobook. I don’t know what I was expecting from it because I have never heard any litrpg audiobooks before. So, this is a new experience for me. And, as you already know, I got this book in exchange for honest review.

I didn’t investigate a question what is litrpg before started listening just because it’s too obvious to me as a game-player. Anyway, after listening, I checked if I understood right, just in case.

And during my google searching, I found Dungeon Lords board game and rules for it – damn, why I haven’t played any table game yet? – and a fantasy role-playing video game. Don’t know what’s this. Some an old game.

But, who cares? I got one of the wonderful new litrpg audiobooks and happy about it. It was great!

***** Everything below may contain SPOILERS *****


A Dungeon Lord book grips and holds attention from the first page till the very end.

In the beginning, we manage to get acquainted with Edward Wright, one man in group players in Ivalis-online. Next day after the attack and finishing the dungeon Lord Edward has problems on his work, half of them he does by himself. His life turns upside down, and then he receives an offer to become a new dungeon lord. Well… why not?

There was the first scene that made me feel goosebumps. The scene where Ed receives a new heart. The creepy and terrible scene is that, but after this one I couldn’t stop listening to it. I was expecting that Edward would start changing, and it happened.

After heart exchanges, he starts his journey in Ivalis, but not like a player at the computer, but in the flesh. Following given advice, he rescues a bard and a witch and makes them his first minions. He has a few simple tasks: to grow his power, to gather more minions, and to start being a dungeon lord. Very soon he gets to know that the main task in this world is to survive, and the each day can be very dangerous.

He doesn’t know the rules. He doesn’t have any support except his bard and witch. He doesn’t have any clues what’s going on and in what the hell he was dropped. These aren’t much to start such an adventure, but he does, and he manages to do it well.

I like how all this happened. Even though this is a litrpg book, I forgot about it during listening. It looks like 100% fantasy novel. Magic and magic abilities, spells, dark creatures, inquisitions, corruption and many other things that are just so perfect in here! Only when Ed was activating his Eye and check talents, spells, and experience points, I remembered what book do I listen. The plot is gripping, fast-moving, with twists and unexpected scenes. Sometimes the POV changes, and it adds more driving to the story. The most valuable thing is everything happens in a logical way.


The best thing about characters is that they are developing all the time. And here I don’t talk about their skills and gained experience. From that moment when they were indifferent persons to each other many things happened, and their relationships changed. It the end, we see a friendly group of different kind of creatures. What moved them to that?

Edward is a good leader regardless he doesn’t have enough experience in it and should learn, also he has to learn rules and difficult to understand details about this cruel world. He likes solving problems in a group but learns how to prove himself as a dungeon lord and act by himself. He learns to trust and changes in the person whom can other trust as well. What I like about him is a brave temper. Someday he might become a wise leader.

He surrounds himself with different kind of characters, knowing their basic strength and weak sides. And here I want to mention that the author made it up very well and done a great job to connect his characters in a beautiful working team.


Even though this is a dark fantasy, I had a very light and clear vision of surrounding world. It has its beauty in fields and cities, and the more important our heroes don’t walk somewhere far away from this living worlds. They are here and very tight interact with the world. I like how the consequences were described in the book. Like splashes on the water, everything that the dungeon lord does has its results.

Furthermore, all can live without the dungeon lord. He is just a part of someone’s game and can be destroyed at any time.


This is a good book full of funny and interesting moments, strong characters, and twists. I want to know more and move forward this story, and for me, this is a signal that I really like the book.

I’d like to see this book on the list of litrpg recommendations and amoung recommended litrpg novels for those who haven’t read or listened to any books in this genre and for litrpg addicted people.

About Narration

Jeff Hays and Annie Ellicott are narrators of Dungeon Lord book.

Amazing work! It sounds like music to my ears. Beautiful voices, very clear pronunciation (that’s important for me), emotional reading. They made this story alive. I didn’t have any difficulties with recognizing whose characters is have been read at the moment. Spiders, girls, female characters, Ed’s thoughts and author’s text, everything was so clear! Thanks for such a glorious work!

Rating: 5 of 5 – Very Good

Buy the Book: Amazon, Audible


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